A Japanese form of therapy using finger pressure

Fédération Française de Shiatsu Traditionnel

By appointment
Chambéry (France)
Certified Practitioner from the school
école Shiatsu-Thérapie, Art de vie
, and Fédération Française de Shiatsu Traditionnel
Siret : 751524372

Shiatsu helps to promote health, well-being and the development of the individual. It is not a massage nor an ideology and it is not medicine by Western standards. It supports a prevention approach and health maintenance. Complementary to allopathy medicine, it does not, in any way, replace a visit to your general doctor.

Shiatsu adheres to rules and techniques that are well defined and must be carried out by skilled practitioners. The practitioner must respect the physical and moral integrity of the person. The practitioner must equally respect strict confidentiality. The schools affiliated to the FFST guarantee that practitioners are trained for a minimum period of three years.

Download the FFST Code of Ethics (french version only)

Le praticien de Shiatsu, à Chambéry et Paris 10e

Valérie has been a Shiatsu practitioner since 2010. She was trained in Paris by the Shiatsu-Thérapie School, Art de Vie affiliated with the Féderation Française de Shiatsu traditionnel. > See the certificate. Her training is inspired by Shizuto Masunaga, who re- established the basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine to the practice of Shiatsu (Yin and Yang, the five elements (or movements), the meridians…)


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